EventCollab is event project management made easy.

Planning and managing events is hard enough, and our software solution helps you efficiently and securely manage all of your events anytime, anywhere, via the cloud.

Tucked into one convenient application, EventCollab is an online-based, one-stop place to collaborate, share schedules and documents, track time, assign tasks, chat, and more. Event planning will become more about creating the experiences than about chasing down what you need to get the job done!

We made it simple

How simple?

EventCollab’s interface is elegant and super easy to navigate. Pop around your different events, and easily access docs, tasks, time tracking, chat, notifications, calendar, and contacts. Quick search throughout the program lets you find any event by location, name, client, or date.

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We made it powerful

How powerful?

EventCollab was created by event producers--people like you--who knew there was a better way to plan events, and work with our teams and vendors. Event technology has come a long way, and EventCollab uses all the latest tech to enable you to quickly (it’s fast!) handle all processes associated with your events in one central place.

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We made it responsive

How responsive?

No matter what device you’re using, EventCollab is optimized to work everywhere you have an Internet connection. Long gone are the days of bringing that HUGE binder, making this a sustainable solution and more convenient for you. Walk around with a tablet, and have every floor plan, schedule, and task list right at your fingertips.

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" With all of the documentation where we needed it and proof that the right people had seen the information we were able to save $60k on final billing, not to mention the efficiency that it afforded the project team. EventCollab is now our only project management tool "

Avatar Russell Callahan, CEM PRG - Director, Show Operations

“It’s designed to do better events, and it also makes it really, really easy to bring in people from outside the organization, and give them full access to the stuff that they need to support the meeting.”

Avatar Jeff Rasco CEO, Attendee Management Inc.